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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Sun Protection Policy

Education about sun protection is important. We want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely. We will work with staff, pupils and parents to achieve this through:


  • All pupils will have at least one sun smart lesson per year.
  • We will talk about how to be safe in the sun in assemblies at the start of the summer term and before the summer break.
  • Information on sun safety will be provided for teachers.




  • When the sun is strong we will ensure shade is provided-shade canopy, trees.
  • If no shade is available we will cut breaks, lunchtimes or PE lessons outside short and children will have the remainder of their time inside.


  • Water is important during hot weather, we will ensure children are reminded about the importance of drinking enough water and on hot days a ‘water station’ will be set up outside at lunch times. Children can bring their own water bottles to outside PE lessons.


  • When outside in hot weather, children will need to wear hats that cover the ears, face and neck.
  • No vests- ensure shoulders are covered by T-shirts during PE lessons.
  • All staff should model and support what is expected, (if it is a really hot day and a member of staff is on duty, please also wear a sun hat, and ensure clothing covers shoulders).


  • Please apply sunscreen to your child / encourage your child to apply their own before they arrive at school when the sun is strong during summer months. Your child may bring their own labelled bottle to apply to themselves on very sunny days; staff will not apply sun cream to children.


  • In the summer months we will aim to schedule outside activities and PE lessons before 11.00am and after 2.30pm if appropriate. If this is not possible we will ensure hats, clothing and sunscreen are worn to prevent sunburn.

Parents are encouraged to:
Apply sunscreen before bringing them to school
Help their children to learn how and when to apply sunscreen to themselves. 

Should parents feel it is necessary for their child to have sun cream re-applied during a school day, they are more than welcome to come in to school at any point and do so.