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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School


Children study aspects of English every day. It is split into 3 main areas:

Speaking & Listening

If children speak well, with confidence, in a range of situations they will develop strong reading and writing skills. Speaking and listening skills develop from the moment children are born through human interaction. We therefore ensure that children can develop and hone these skills at every opportunity, every day.



If children can read fluently they can develop as independent learners. Hearing children read is important but it is only a small part of the picture. Through guided reading activities, children are taught how to make sense of what they are reading so that reading becomes a skill they can use to support all of their learning, in all subjects.


Children will be able to write well if their speaking & listening and reading skills are fluent. Our cross curricular approach ensures that children are provided with a wealth of writing opportunities – not just during English lessons. Children are taught how to write with an audience in mind, how to use a rich vocabulary to convey thoughts and ideas and how, through using accurate spelling and punctuation, the reader is able to receive the full meaning intended.