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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Politicians in the making

On Tuesday 11th December 2018, KS2 School Council were lucky enough to be invited to visit the Houses of Parliament with Wenlock Junior School. It was an early start, leaving their school at 8am but well worth it.

Having passed through security, we entered the main corridor of parliament through the largest wooden doors we had ever seen. Inside was very ornate and decorative but also very quiet. Our first stop was the House of Lords. We got to stand where the Lords actually sit and saw where the Queen sits when she attends. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet any actual Lords. After this we left and moved into the main lobby. Here we found out where all the government interviews take place and stood in the actual spot that was on the news later that day. Sadly, we couldn’t go inside the House of Commons as they were sitting. Our final stop inside Parliament was Parliament Hall -this was huge and very cold!

The next part of our tour involved a workshop on having an election. In our parties, we selected our ‘manifestos’, presented them to our ‘constituents’ and then took at vote. When the results were in, we were delighted to have elected Niven as our new ‘Prime Minister’. We thought he would do an amazing job!

After lunch, we went on a walking tour around the streets surrounding Parliament. We explored the outside of the huge building before popping to the Cabinet Offices and then on to Downing Street. Regrettably, we couldn’t go down the street but could see the famous front door and the Christmas tree. Our penultimate stop for the day was Horse Guards Parade where we were fortunate enough to see a mounted soldier!

Once we had returned to the coach to head home we had our final great sight – Buckingham Palace. It was the prefect end to a fantastic day. All the children learned a great deal from the day and were a credit to the school.