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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

School Meals Provision 

A ‘band’ system will be trialled to enable children to pre-order their lunchtime meal of choice. This will hopefully avoid children only having the choice of what is left if they are the last class into the dining hall that week.

The band system will start from Monday, 8th January, 2018  (using the menu for Week 1) and operate Monday to Thursday each week.  

The band system will not be used on Fridays as around 95% of children have a Funday Friday meal and Mrs Ridley, our Kitchen Manager knows that most children choose pizza and chips.

  • Bands will be provided by LBC Catering – Colours would be Red, Green and Yellow to match the meal choices on the LBC Menu – see copy menus below. 
  • Teachers/TAs will count up numbers of each meal choice and get this information to the office.
  • The office will collate the information and pass to the kitchen.
  • Bands will be issued to children in FS/KS1 by staff, KS2 children should be able to help themselves to a band.
  • When the children go into the dining hall they will hand their band back to the serving staff on the hatch and be issued with the corresponding meal choice (Red, Green or Yellow).

We would like to clarify that LBC Catering have to work to a budget for the meals provided and this does not allow for the option of offering children ‘seconds’. Portion sizes are set to meet Government guidelines issued to LBC Catering.

LBC Catering also run a Cashless system for school meals, using Tucasi - see information below.