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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Y3 & 4 dodgeball festival

Find out how our team fared in the 'News & Events' section.

Putteridge Primary entered the year 3/4 dodgeball festival on 15th January at Inspire Sports Centre, with 32 different schools entering the festival.


Inhaki S-W, Henry B, Maisie S, Abbie C, Elysa M, Louis B, Emily T, Youssuf D & Aiden C-H


A match is split into 3, 2-minute games with the winning team getting a point for each game won - the first team to 2 points win the match.

Each team played 6 pool games throughout the day, followed by 2 group games.

Putteridge 3 vs St Matthews 0

Putteridge 2 vs Warden Hill Juniors 1

Putteridge 2 vs Linden Academy 1

Putteridge 1 vs Surrey Street 2

Putteridge 2 vs Bramingham 1

Putteridge 2 vs Farley Juniors 1


Group games:

Putteridge 1 vs Bushmead 2

Putteridge 2 vs Leyland 1


Well done to the whole team who played some really good dodgeball throughout the day.