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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Staggered start and finish time information for September 2021

For full details, please see the information provided in the School News section.

The following times will be in operation for the first half-term initially and we will review as necessary, with year groups entering and leaving the school site in pairs: 

Start of the day

FS/KS1                                                                                                  KS2

8.40am-8.45am Year 1 and 2                                       8.40am-8.45am Year 5 and 6

8.50am-8.55am Foundation Stage                               8.50am-8.55am Year 3 and 4

Year 1 & 2

Children will enter through the gates that lead to the main school office as normal – the barriers that are currently in place will remain. Year 2 children will enter via the left-hand gate and follow the path down to their classroom whilst Year 1 children will enter via the right-hand gate, following the path down to the playground and then across to their classroom.

Key Stage 2

The gate where the children previously entered has now become the new entrance gate for Putteridge Community Nursery from September. A new entrance gate for Key Stage 2 has been installed and is situated closer to the KS2 exit gate.

As in Key Stage 1, the barriers that currently split the pathway in half will remain in place. For children in Years 3 & 5, they will use the left-hand gate and follow the path down past the nursery and pond and enter the building via the external door to their classroom. For children in Years 4 & 6, they will enter the site via the right-hand gate and enter the building through the main external blue door at the Key Stage 2 entrance.

Pick up

The one-way system will remain in place as we return in September.

FS/KS1                                                                             KS2

3.20pm – Year 1 and 2                                                 3.20pm Year 5 and 6

3.30pm – FS                                                                   3.30pm Year 3 and 4

If you need to collect children at the same time, then please ensure you collect the youngest child first.