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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

School Staff

Staff list academic year 2018/19

Strategic Leadership Team

Mr Colin Pickard - core role - strategic leader for teaching & learning
Deputy Head
Miss Nicola Chinnery - core role – Director of Standards & day to day leadership of teams in KS1
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Vicki Prowle - core role – Deputy Director of Standards & day to day leadership of Year teams in KS2
Assistant Headteacher
Miss Bianca Spiteri - core role – Inclusion and Safeguarding
School Business Manager
Mrs Sue Magee - core role – HR, Premises, Finance & Admin

Operational Leadership Team

Upper KS2 Phase Leader & Y6 Leader
Mrs Donna Gardner
Lower KS2 Phase Leader & Y3 Leader
Miss Nicky Marshall
KS1 Phase Leader & Y2 Leader
Mrs Olivia Hamilton
FS Leader
Mrs Michelle Ward 
Y4 Leader
Miss Carleen Sarney
Y5 Leader
Mrs Julia Brierton

Year Teams

FS Year Leader
Mrs Michelle Ward
FS Teachers
Mrs Michelle Ward, Mrs Hayley Williams, Ms Amanda Rex
Learning Supervisor
Mrs Jodie Brooks
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Lisa Bradbury, Mrs Kelly Hoar, Mrs Lauren O'Dell, Mrs Teresa Sully

Year 1

Year Leader
Mrs Liz Gains
Y1 Teachers
Mrs Liz Gains, Miss Mariam Khan, Miss Rhiannon Gillon
Learning Supervisor
Miss Afsana Begum

Year 2

Year Leader
Mrs Olivia Hamilton
Y2 Teachers
Mrs Olivia Hamilton, Mr James Wilson, Miss Emily Jefferson
Learning Supervisor
Mrs Alison Hooper
KS1 Teaching Assistants
Mrs Angie Berry, Mrs Nicky Brown, Mrs Lucy Dixon, Mrs Jackie Hares, Mrs Vicky Haywood,  Mrs Stacey Orchard, Mrs Sue Price, Mrs Lynda Smithers

Year 3

Year Leader
Miss Nicky Marshall (& Lower KS2 Phase Leader)
Y3 Teachers
Miss Nicky Marshall,  Miss Nabeela Khan, Miss Allia Malik
Learning Supervisor
Mrs Caroline Benjamin

Year 4

Year Leader
Miss Carleen Sarney
Y4 Teachers
Miss Carleen Sarney, Miss Kirsty James, Mr Adam Dyson
Learning Supervisor
Miss Zoe Greenbank
Y3 & Y4 Teaching Assistants
Mrs Teresa Alabaster, Mrs Tracey Bush, Mrs Karen Humphries, Mrs Glynis Lawless, Mrs Nicky Outlaw, Mrs Jill Perera

Year 5

Year Leader
Mrs Julia Brierton
Y5 Teachers
Mrs Julia Brierton, Mrs Louise Coomber, Mrs Laura Mitchelmore, Mrs Shazia Haroon
Learning Supervisor
Miss Charlotte Collins

Year 6

Year Leader
Mrs Donna Gardner  (& Upper KS2 Phase Leader)
Y6 Teachers
Mrs Donna Gardner, Mrs Anne Cochrane, Miss Stephanie Pitchford, Mrs Vicki Prowle
Learning Supervisor
Mrs Liz Taylor
Y5 & Y6 Teaching Assistants
Mrs Gail McDermott, Mrs Sarah Sharpe, Mrs Sue Ward, Mrs Jackie Wiggett

Inclusion Team

Behaviour Support
Mrs Wendy Armiger
Readiness to Learn Supervisor (Yr4 - Yr6)
Mrs Tracey Smart
Readiness to Learn Supervisor (Yr1 - Yr3)
Mrs Jo Oliver
Sports Coach
Mr Lee Hoggett
Family worker
Mrs Lorraine Bright
Learning Mentor
Miss Ellen Clerkson

SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs Teresa Alabaster, Mrs Nicky Brown, Mrs Vicky Hayward, Mrs Klara Jakso, Mrs Stacey Orchard, Mrs Jill Perera,