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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

School Staff

Staff list academic year 2021/22

Strategic Leadership Team

Mr C Pickard - core role - strategic leader for teaching & learning
Deputy Head
Miss N Chinnery - core role – Director of Standards & day to day leadership of teams in KS1
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs V Prowle - core role – Safeguarding and SEND Inclusion
School Business Manager
Mrs C McCarthy - core role – HR, Premises, Finance & Admin

Operational Leadership Team

Upper KS2 Phase Leader & Y6 Leader
Mrs D Gardner
Lower KS2 Phase Leader & Y3 Leader
Miss N Marshall
KS1 Phase Leader & Y2 Leader
Mrs O Hamilton
FS Leader
Mrs M Ward 
Y1 Leader
Miss K James
Y4 Leader
Miss C Sarney
Y5 Leader
Mrs J Faulkner

Year Teams

FS Year Leader
Mrs M Ward
FS Teachers
Mrs M Ward, Ms A Rex, Miss R Gillon
Learning Supervisor
Mrs J Brooks
Teaching Assistants
Mrs L Bradbury, Mrs V Hayward, Mrs T Hall, Mrs L O'Dell, Mrs T Sully

Year 1

Year Leader
Miss K James
Y1 Teachers
Miss K James, Miss L Noor, Mr J Wilson
Learning Supervisor
Mrs A Begum

Year 2

Year Leader
Mrs O Hamilton
Y2 Teachers
Mrs O Hamilton, Mrs H Williams, Mrs L Bahar, Mrs E Willsher (maternity leave)
Learning Supervisor
Mrs A Hooper
KS1 Teaching Assistants
Mrs N Brown, Mrs L Dixon, Miss J Goldenberg, Mrs J Hares, Mrs V Hayward, Mrs K Hoar, Mrs L Smithers

Year 3

Year Leader
Miss N Marshall (& Lower KS2 Phase Leader)
Y3 Teachers
Miss N Marshall, Mr A Dyson, Miss B McTaggart
Learning Supervisor
Mrs K Humphreys

Year 4

Year Leader
Miss C Sarney
Y4 Teachers
Miss C Sarney, Mrs N Khan, Miss A Malik, Mrs A Gallagher (trainee teacher)
Learning Supervisor
Mrs K Humphreys/Mrs S Sharpe/Mrs L Taylor
Y3 & Y4 Teaching Assistants
Mrs T Alabaster, Mrs I Hussain, Mrs N Garth, Mrs J Perera, Mrs S Ward

Year 5

Year Leader
Mrs J Faulkner
Y5 Teachers
Mrs J Faulkner, Mrs L Coomber, Mrs M Teager, Miss C Collins
Learning Supervisor
Mrs S Sharpe

Year 6

Year Leader
Mrs D Gardner  (& Upper KS2 Phase Leader)
Y6 Teachers
Mrs D Gardner, Mrs A Cochrane, Miss S Pitchford
Learning Supervisor
Mrs L Taylor
Y5 & Y6 Teaching Assistants
Mrs G McDermott, Mrs N Outlaw, Mrs J Wiggett

Inclusion Team

Readiness to Learn Supervisor (KS2)
Mrs T Smart
Readiness to Learn Supervisor (KS1)
Mrs J Oliver
Sports Coach
PE provision - Think Sports
Family worker
Mrs L Bright
Learning Mentors
Mrs E Rowenoak & Mrs M Bennett

SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Adjoh, Mrs T Alabaster, Mrs L Barnes, Mrs L Bradbury, Mrs K Jakso, Mrs C Marshall, Ms S Orchard, Mrs A Philpott, Mrs J Santana, Mrs S Sullivan, Mrs L Sweet