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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

School Uniform (including cosmetics and hairstyles)

Our children take pride in wearing their school uniform, and it significantly helps them to adjust happily and quickly to their new school life.  We ask that all parents support our Uniform Policy.  Without everyone’s support, the uniform would be lost.



Pinafores / Trousers

Blue/White Dresses - check of stripe in school uniform style


Polo shirt

Royal Blue

Cardigans / Jumpers






Polo shirts

Royal Blue



PE Kit

  • T-Shirt – a logo version is available from Ricky’s Fashions or Prestige Design & Workwear or you can provide a plain white or blue t-shirt only (no other colour please)
  • Shorts – plain blue only
  • Jogging bottoms for winter weather
  • Warn royal blue fleece/sweatshirt for outdoor PE
  • Plimsolls for indoor use
  • Trainers for outside use

Additional Clothing - for outdoor play

  • Wellington boots
  • Raincoat


  • FS/KS1 - Rucksacks are not permitted in FS or KS1 classes.  Book bags and PE bags are all the children need.  These can both be purchased from the school office.
  • KS2 - The children can have a rucksack but do not need it for school work.  PE bags are needed for PE kits.  PE bags can be purchased from the school office.

The clothing does not have to be of a particular brand or purchased from a particular stockist or embroidered with the school logo, but we do ask that all skirts and trousers are of a grey school uniform style. If you do wish to purchase uniform items with the school logo, you can do this at Ricky's Fashions or Prestige Design & Workwear.

Please ensure that zips and buttons are not too difficult for your child to manage.

Religious/Cultural Clothing

Pupils wearing clothing for religious/ cultural beliefs should ensure they are of the school colours, i.e. royal blue, grey or white. Headwear should be of a one-piece construction (i.e. no pins required for fixing).  A religious necklace can be worn in school providing it is under your child's top.


Please consider the suitability of footwear for wearing all day in school and running around in a tarmac playground.  We do ask that all children wear socks (white, black or grey only).  

  • Shoes should be of a closed toe design and black in colour.
  • Ankle boots can be work but boots up to the knee are not permitted.
  • High-heeled and/or open-toed shoes are dangerous and not appropriate.
  • Trainers are not to be worn inside the school as they are for outdoor use only.

Dedicated Uniform Suppliers:

Ricky’s Fashions, 68-71 Market Hall, Arndale Centre, Luton stock sweatshirts, cardigans, and polo shirts all embroidered with the school badge. They also have available T-Shirts suitable for PE and other uniform items.

Prestige Design & Workwear, Unit 12, Barton Industrial Estate, Faldo Road, Barton-le-Clay, Bedford MK45 4RP stock sweatshirts, cardigans, fleece, white polo shirts, grey skirts/trousers and PE kits all embroidered with the school badge.  They offer a home delivery service, or you can collect from their Barton or Flitwick stores.

Second Hand Uniforms - The Level Trust located in the Mall in Luton offers a uniform exchange programme. More details can be found at this link

Items available from the school office:

Water Bottle: £1.70
Book Bag: £5.10
PE Bag: £3.20


Either printed or iron-on labels marked with a permanent marker pen.


We do not consider the use of cosmetics, make-up or nail varnish to be age appropriate and therefore are not permitted in Putteridge Primary School.


Pupils are requested to have suitable hairstyles with natural coloured hair. Shaved patterns in hair i.e.: tramlines, names, logos etc. are not permitted.


These should be small and appropriate in colour and design for school.

Jewellery in school

As a general principle, children should not wear any jewellery in school.  A watch is permissible as long as it does not enable children to access the internet or take photographs, i.e. some Smartwatches.

Pupils may wear small plain stud earrings if they have recently had their ears pierced, but earrings should not be work for PE lessons or swimmingPlease remove these from your child's ears before they come to school on these days.

If a child is not able to remove their own earrings, they will be given micropore tape so that they can cover their earrings themselves before taking part in their PE lesson.  The child will then remove the tape after the lesson.

If a child cannot cover their own earrings in tape (for example: they are allergic, or they are too young to be able to do this), then they will not be able to actively take part in the lesson, but will be given an observational/feedback role.

P.E. Kits in School:

As a principle, children should not miss participating actively in PE lessons.  To minimis the chance of children forgetting their kit, we ask that children bring in a PE kit that can be left in school and only taken home for washing at the end of each half-term.

If a child does not have any kit in school, they will borrow a PE kit from a central store in school, or be asked to take part in their uniform if it is safe and appropriate to do so.  For example, children run around safely outside at lunchtime.

If, for some reason, neither of these is possible, the children will be asked to watch the lesson and make notes.  They will evaluate the performance of other children and give feedback at the end.