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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Science Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact statement

Intention (Why do we teach what we teach ?)

We have designed our Science curriculum so that our learners:

  • Develop a sense of curiosity and excitement for scientific learning and discovery
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of our world
  • Recognise the importance of Science in all aspects of their daily lives
  • Develop the skills needed to find answers to their own questions using an appropriate process of enquiry
  • Are encouraged to have natural curiosity and inquisitive minds
  • Extend their scientific knowledge beyond the classroom

Implementation (How do we teach it ?)

Our Science curriculum is taught:

  • Covering the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum by teaching in blocks so that we build upon learning from prior year groups to ensure progression is achieved
  • So that new vocabulary is accessed through a combination of direct teaching and investigation so that our children become enquiry-based learners
  • Through the teachers using age-appropriate techniques to inspire all of our children to develop their knowledge and understanding through a combination of open-ended enquiries.
  • So that differentiation can be facilitated by teachers to ensure that each pupil can access the Science curriculum

Impact (What has been the impact and how do we know?)

The impact of the Science curriculum at Putteridge Primary can be see through:

  • Our children retaining knowledge that gives them the foundations for understanding the world.
  • Our children are able to question ideas, reflect upon knowledge and gain resilience when outcomes challenge their ideas
  • Our children work collaboratively to investigate and experiment, generating their own ideas for investigation where appropriate
  • Our children are able to articulate their knowledge with confidence and to suggest improvements to their own work